translated from Spanish: She begged on TV that his spouse and daughters return; After he confessed to having killed

«If someone has them and they are not safe, I want them back now», well expressed before the cameras of a local television channel Christopher Watts, a 33 year old man who on Tuesday begged for the return of his spouse Shannan (3 4 years) and the two daughters of the couple, beautiful (4) and Celeste (3).
Shannan, who was 15 weeks pregnant and girls had disappeared the previous day of the family home in Frederick, (Colorado, United States).
However, in the appeal of Watts had something that didn’t fit.
His eyes avoided looking at for a long time to the camera and in her tone did not feel the despair that can be expected in a man he doesn’t know where his family is.
That interview ended up being crucial in the case.
The disappearance of Shannan and girls Shannan Watts returned from a work trip at dawn on Sunday to Monday. Their flight was delayed and, as explained by your spouse, not arrived home until 2 in the morning. He got up at 5 am to go to work, so – according to his story – they just agreed.
Hours later, when Shannan did not go to an important meeting and not answered the phone, a close friend reported his disappearance.
There was no trace of the girls.
Wherever he had gone, Shannan had not been the cell, nor portfolio or children’s car seats or medicines from girls. immediately launched a joint police investigation between the Police Department of Frederick, the Colorado Bureau of investigation (CBI) and the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI).
Officials distributed posters with photographs of the missing three and analyzed social networking publications.
As part of their investigation, officials scrutinized the cited interview Chris Watts to the local channel Denver7, Member of the ABC chain.
Arrest case took a complete turn on Wednesday night, when Watts was placed under arrest at the Weld County jail after a police interrogation.
«The Frederick Police Department, in collaboration with the FBI and CBI, made an arrest in connection with the case of missing persons», was read in a publication on the Facebook page of the city of Frederick.
«Chris Watts, the spouse of Shannan, is in custody and is awaiting that is charged charges.»
According to local media that cite two sources without identifying, Watts confessed to having killed his spouse and children.
Authorities have not publicly confirmed this fact, but the family of Shannan Watts has no doubt: «it is with profound pain, confusion, and anger that we confirm that our beautiful premium Shannan Watts, her unborn baby, and his two Angels Bella and Celeste were meanly murdered by the spouse Chris Watts that he confessed the crimes».
«Please keep the parents of Shannan and brother in your prayers», asks the family.
Watts has not been officially charged yet, but in his first appearance before the Court on Thursday, judge Marcelo Kopcow denied bail.
He is expected that prosecutors charged Watts formal charges next Monday and Tuesday to have a new hearing before the judge.
Getty ImagesLos neighbour paid tribute to Shannan Watts and her daughters in front of the family home. The discovery of the bodies responsible for research are being very careful about the information you share with the public.
The director of the CBI, John Camper, said Thursday at a press conference: «At this time we have been able to recover a body that we are pretty sure that is the Shannan Watts».
«We have great reason to believe that we know where they are the bodies of girls and just started the operation to recover them.»
In this sense, the local press reported that the bodies of the girls were found in gasoline tanks, but authorities have not made an official statement on the matter.
Getty ImagesEn investigating the case are working the Department of police in Frederick, Colorado Bureau of investigation and the FBI. Body that spoke Camper was found on the premises of the company Anadarko Petroleum.
Watts worked for the company until Wednesday, when he was fired after his arrest.
The interview with Watts one of the most shocking aspects of the case is the fact that Watts granted a 7 minute interview to talk about the disappearance of his family.
«I hope to be somewhere safe now and with girls», you said to Denver7.
«If someone has them and they are not safe, I want them back now,» stressed.
In the interview, Watts admitted that the couple had an «emotional conversation» the night before the disappearance, but pointed out that it would not qualify it as an argument.
A seemingly happy family Shannan Watts had shared multiple photos of your spouse and daughters on Facebook.
One of them said: «without these 3, I would not be a MOM! I can not imagine life without them! «.»
Also circulated a video of the young woman, talking about your spouse, Shannan said: «I tortured him, I refused it, I took it on my side again, but not moved away. He met me at the worst and I accepted. Eight years later, we live in Colorado, have two children and it is the best thing that has happened to me in life».
Researchers are unable to explain so far how could change both the things and what happened in the home of the Watts on Monday, August 13.

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