translated from Spanish: With stab murder man in Zamora, Michoacán

home security with stab, kill man in Zamora, Michoacán Zamora, Michoacan.-during the first minutes on Friday a man lost the existence, while r ecibia medical care at a private hospital in Zamora. The victim had multiple injuries caused by stab.
The foregoing was confirmed by police, authorities who said what about the 00: 45 hours, some motorists reported that there was a person lying on the corner of Valladolid and Barcelona, within the limits of the Cologne second Valencia Section and the Prairie Infonavit.
The report citizen mobilized staff of public security, as well as to the paramedics rescue and salvage, same that effectively found badly wounded to Mr Carlos Alberto o., also known as “The whiskers” 38 years of age, neighbor of Infonavit The Prairie.

The affected was uploaded to an ambulance and taken emergency to the John Paul II Hospital where doctors tried to stabilize it, so then it was channeled to another sanatorium, but Carlos died in the place.
Within the proceedings undertaken by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Justice, it was learned that the unfortunate had left home heading to a store, but on the way he was attacked by individuals who are fully identified and are already sought by the staff Ministerial.

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