translated from Spanish: Assistant Secretary Castle: the flank of conflict that the Government fails to close

Under Secretary of welfare networks, Luis Castillo, is still the stone in the shoe in the Government, after being accused of hiding the autopsy of the former President Eduardo Frei Montalva. Because of this, many are those who ask for their departure, while at La Moneda they try to fix the situation. But this looks far away, after announcements that the opposition vetoed his presence in the committees and in the Senate Chamber.
But that is not the only problem facing Castle. Since the Christian Democrats announced that this Monday, during the National Council of the DC, decide the actions to be adopted, once the currency rejected the request of the party to remove it. “Several members of Parliament are going to participate in the National Council, where we hope to give a strong signal of unity and reiterate that the Assistant is disabled to occupy this post,” said the head of caucus members, Matías Walker.
Criticism to which was added the former President of the Medical College, Enrique Paris, who asked the Court of ethics of the institution to judge the conduct of Castle, after he was accused of concealing information from the autopsy of the former President. For Paris, “so far no pesa condemns judicial or ethics on the Assistant Secretary Castle. So if they prosecuted, they could give peace of mind to the Frei family”, he said in conversation with express Bio Bio.
Castle has also had defenders, as the daughter of Sebastián Piñera, Magdalena. But Eduardo Frei Ortega, grandson of the late President, the comment responded to Magdalena, who said on his Twitter account that “I find that we are reaching a culture too hateful and violent, where is not conversing or discussed but it is assaulted. Much intolerance, where we believe that we can veto people and totalitarian attitudes that contribute nothing to a friendly Chile. Welcome the respect and diversity”.
Before this twit, Frei Ortega replied, in the same social network: “more violent that murdering my grandfather Eduardo Frei Montalva and try us today’s rogue for demanding justice and ethics the authorities”.
In the same social network, the former Minister of education, Mariana Aylwin, said that “the Government and the President are becoming more political damage. maintaining Undersecretary Castle And incidentally, putting an insurmountable obstacle to progress in addressing the problems of our country’s health.”

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