translated from Spanish: Corrüptia: the game that will take hives in the Senate

that you accused of being corrupt is something serious. But to be inspired by this hypothetical corruption yours to create a game has to be worse. That’s what sought to create Cami Muñoz and Feño Casals, of the publishing ZXG, when designing «Corrüptia» board game.
Illustrated by political cartoonist Malaimagen, the game takes place in a fictional scenario, with fictional characters: «try to make it more invented, having no reference to anyone. But as drawn people seem to other people, which is like the stereotype of a corrupt Senator,»says Muñoz.
«We did it as well to make any character of reality feel identified, beyond the connotation that the users themselves can give,» said Casals.

In «Corrüptia», each player will assume the role of a Senator’s five party fictitious as «Particular pluralist party», «Cooperative collective set» or «Independent ideological integration».  In each of the five rounds, players steal cards and try to add laws to the table to assign budget. Laws correspond to different areas such as education, defense and environment.
But, as you can imagine, the motivation of the players to put these laws will be the meet their own interests. Each player will have a series of letters that will form their secret Agenda, which represents private interests. Players must ensure not only that their interests are represented in this Congress laws, but also have enough workers assigned to do.

Where is this corruption, which gives the name to the game? The problem is that you don’t get get a law, so this is approved vote and must these are negotiated. In the voting phase everything is valid: buy votes, blackmail and even use the popular support to force to pass a law. The creators suggest that people who played the game has offered even real money to pass a law.

In the beginning, this game is called «Chamber of the Senate», but Cami Muñoz and Feño Casals pointed out that «the name hit very little» and that despite being inspired by the Chilean Senate, «one could take it to all areas of national policy» , as Muñoz. Until they decided on «Corrüptia», which refers to «country of the corrupt».
The difficulty of the topic the great fear they had during the running was that not the game for being too politically liked people. Casals, however, indicates that the problem was another: «the majority of people that it was testing played it correctly and wondered why didn’t it do backward, the most good won. But that is not entertaining, does not generate debate»to what Cami Muñoz adds that» the idea was not to do an educational board game, but one that will generate you a later conversation, causing you to talk».

«People might think that it is a game of Government that teaches you how is the policy, and is not our idea. Do not they hook both», they added.
«The policy in Chile is a taboo subject and today’s education in the country no incentive to discuss that. To make discussions not from a trench, because they are there to fight, and not talk. So we wanted to make a game of politics that nobody feel identified, while one can associate with the characters, so people conversed and have fun, but that will not be angry,»said Munoz.
«Politicians make policy to the light, we are looking for the same thing with the political game: you take it lightly», said Casals.
Although also did play for another reason: possible reprisals from politicians: «equally people may feel touched. If we store dead, you know why it was», jokes Muñoz.
Despite the fact that in the first instance the game has fictional characters, due to the fact that the game is already being booked abroad, as in Brazil or Mexico, they plan a «Chilean» expansion in the future. The game will be released at the end of the year, with a presale, between August and September, of 100 units, which will be signed by Malaimagen.
At the counter, we try to contact Senators, but none wanted to refer to the subject.

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