translated from Spanish: Diego Maradona: «If Carlos Tevez is macrista, no longer the player of the people»

anyone still can imagine to Diego Armando Maradona talking without leaving any statement that rumble around the world? Difficult. The truth is that Diego redid it. And this time, the center of the target were Carlos Tevez and Mauricio Macri.

In an interview with the newspaper Ole, the former captain of the Argentina selection fired at Boca striker as a result of the good relationship with the President of the nation. It is that since he returned to the Xeneize, the Apache was aligned with the leader of change and Daniel Angelici, who campaigned in the last election.

Diego Maradona said why a talk with Carlos Tevez. Photo: NA «see it very macrista, very idiot to Carlitos.» If it is macrista, no longer the people’s player. If it tells me that it is always, which I know, so I will follow capitalize, as I have done so far», launched in Mexico 1986 World champion.

However, Maradona kept rougher darts to refer to Macri. To be consulted by how it looks to the Argentina, responded: «very badly, I see daily rate, of transport, of this, increases of the other.» I see that people cannot eat, it fails to make ends meet. Inflation is soaring, with old salaries and new rates. It seems to me that Macri not never understood what means to be Argentine. He lived life in Europe or was going on vacation to Brazil, I do not know… Because you have to remember when you went to La Boca and said «mud» as I was stepping on the mud. Mud, mud, is mud… Earth and water, is formed when it rains, but he does not know it. Separate note that cannot read, I can read better than he and I studied at the General San Martín de Fiorito. What happens is that the baby’s dad also can go through grade taking a day to the father to College…»

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