translated from Spanish: Drug sold by Facebook and made delivery: a bar of the ascent and 13 people arrested

«the provincial police demolished a band narco in Ezeiza led by the head of the barrabrava of the Club Tristán Suárez. Cocaine, marijuana, weapons and cash were abducted. There are 14 detainees,»said Cristian Ritondo, Security Minister for the province of Buenos Aires.

After 26 raids, led by the Superintendence of Narcocriminalidad and organized crime, with more than 150 troops, including group Hawk, group G.A.D, infantry, was giving the heads of the criminal organization, which was led by a man known as «Nando», also linked to violence in soccer.

Investigations that allowed to dismantle this band of drug traffickers began last December and included various tasks of intelligence, including the remote’s «toy soldiers» who sold the drug monitoring. In procedures, is abducted 10 (8 of war and civilian use 2) firearms, ammunition, 4 vehicles, 148.080 pesos, $ 200, 20 mobile phones, 1 balance and various documentations.

«Several investigations through networks, resulted in the discovery of a Facebook page called»Pary towers», in which the marketing of narcotic drugs was advertised and whose name refers to an operating Center, all managed by» Nando», from your phone, from which arose different listeners.

It fell band towers of the ParyOtro of the researchers said that this criminal inherited the leadership of the supporters of this club of the rise then that the former Chief, known as «Karma» and who hid in his house of Ezeiza while he was at large He was arrested for different offences. It intervenes in the case of UFI N ° 4 decentralised of Ezeiza, in charge of the DRA. Vanesa Magdalena González, belonging to the Lomas de Zamora Judicial Department.

Narco drug bar facebook delvery

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