translated from Spanish: From the producer to the gondola: price difference is 11.4%

the gap in prices between origin and destination of agricultural products rose 11.4% in July, as indicated by the Argentina Confederation of the medium enterprises (CAME).

“On average, consumers paid gondola 5.9 times more than it received the producer at the gate of their camp”, he calculated the report and stated that you for agricultural products, gap recorded a growth of 13.4%, reaching 6.35 times.

“The participation of the producer in the final prices of the products surveyed declined to 21.2%, one of the lowest since the measured”, broke down.

As the report detailed the Orange, pear and carrot were products with more gap, while egg, chicken, cabbage and strawberries, represented the smallest difference.

The data arise from the price index at origin and destination (IPOD), which produces the regional economies of CMEA sector based on daily prices online from major supermarkets in the country, more than 500 grocery stores and markets, and home prices of the major producing areas, relieving a 35 survey team.

The report noted that in July, the agricultural IPOD reached a value of 6.35 times, 13.4% higher than June, climbing for the sixth straight month. Livestock IPOD lost 0.3%, placing in 3.98 times, staying for three months in values relatively similar.

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