translated from Spanish: Pinera plays card to try to instruct the ruling: CITES meeting ministers and helmsmen of Chile we

to fix the difficult weeks that has lived the ruling party, President Sebastián Piñera invited three Chairpersons of parties of his conglomerate, Jacqueline van Rysselberghe by the UDI, Mario Desbordes of RN and Hernan Larrain Matte of Evopoli. The appointment will be made tomorrow, close to 20 hours, in the House of the Minister of the Interior, Andrés Chadwick.
Will not be alone, also be found, as well as the local Chadwick, the Ministers of the Segpres, Gonzalo Blümel, and his pair of Segegob, Cecilia Pérez, since this will be a «political work» meeting, according to the newspaper La Tercera.
The meeting, which is of an extraordinary nature, will serve to strengthen this aspect of the work of the ruling party as a whole and will a look at addressing policy coordination.
Coordination and set that looks little, due to the differences of thinking between the UDI and Evopoli, the most extreme parties of the ruling. In fact, van Rysselberghe has not hesitated to criticize the political peer of Evopoli positions, above all their questions to the case of Mauricio Rojas: «Evopoli cannot be Government and opposition at the same time. You cannot be a Medal with two faces: criticizing the Government and be part of the Government. That people finally punishes him».
«It is not easy to be a governing party, but one has to bear the costs and the benefits that this means.» And one of the difficulties of being ruling party is that one has to act in coalition. «The best way to achieve this is by solving problems in private and not generating conflicts through the media», said JVR.

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