translated from Spanish: VIDEO girl swallows currency and thus ends the story

a girl and her parents lived moments of anguish after that little swallow is a currency. After the incident the girl was taken to a hospital where a group of nurses took care of the small. Read also: Video: bum dance ‘Hard’ and becomes viralEn a video making the rounds on social networks seen the child lying on a bed, wrapped, neck to toes, and three nurses. While the nurses tried the child vomit single currency this was impossible by what you’re attending them had to act quickly before the situation worsened. In the video is seen as one of these entering the mouth of the girl a probe size regular, while the small complains and cries, however the crying of the child not moves nurses since they have to act quickly to avoid that the patient be to surgically intervened to be able to remove the currency. Read also: ‘Color a pony’, new fashion that annoys networks desperate socialesEl and incredible moment was recorded step by step. First the nurse puts catheter in bosa it girl. Then enter a syringe in the probe and deposited him all the liquid to finish pulling with force the probe and remove the currency.
Finally the nurses celebrate their success and fortunately everything was a scare after removing the currency of the stomach of the child. In this note: incident currency girl Video viral

Original source in Spanish

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