translated from Spanish: A transgender woman referees for the first time a party in United Kingdom

this Sunday will be a historic date for British football because, for the first time, a transgender woman contents 14(bis) will provide a match.

It’s Lucy Clark, aged 46, who used to be known as Nick and has extensive experience managing parties in amateur and semi-professional categories.

Clark is accustomed to intervening in soccer matches, but this time will do so in an exclusively female party. «I can understand that people are a little surprised when you go to the field,» entrusted to the Middle English Sunday Mirror.

Lucy Clark (left) is actively mobilized by LGBT rights | Photo: Twitter «I prepare for the disparaging comments», said in an interview, although that seems to not stop on his dream of arbitrating parties in first division. She currently serves as a taxi driver in the District of Surrey, located to the southwest of England and is married to Avril, with whom he has 3 children.

However, the main concern of Lucy is the public’s reaction: «I can manage players. I can show them a yellow card or red. The problems can come with fans», said.

Despite this, the English Football Federation (FA) reported its «full» support this woman who today, will make history.

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