translated from Spanish: Dismantled narcolaboratorio in «La Ruana», Michoacán

home security broke up narcolaboratorio in «La Ruana», Michoacán Buenavista, Michoacán-a clandestine laboratory, used for the manufacture of synthetic drugs It was located and destroyed in a recent mobilization made coordinated by the members of the Michoacan police and the 43 military zone, as it transpired in the journalistic work.

You could see that the guardians of the order found the narcococina in the vicinity of the town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto «Ruana», belonging to the municipality of Buenavista. It was when the officers made patrols against the crime.

Official contacts detailed that the narcolaboratorio was composed of six reactors of different capacities, also in the place were destroyed various utensils which were used for the production of narcotics.

They were also located various chemicals, same that similarly disabled by the representatives of the law. Topic federal authorities, which undertook the respective investigation folder had knowledge. No related arrests were reported.

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