translated from Spanish: Eleonora Wexler picked up the glove of Mariano Martínez: “I made life impossible”

Mariano Martínez said days ago that it had suffered episodes of harassment at work with a partner, who preferred not to name, but as had he had lived (r) on several occasions. 

“I spent two or three times, I first told him that no, that does not make it more.” And once spoke with the director because the subject had been aggressive,”said the actor, who then added in the intruder program that once had to hit”hit me more. It left me nearly deaf”.

At the beginning he speculated with the actress in question was Julieta Ortega, with whom Martinez worked at 22, loco. But the ex-wife of Iván Noble quickly dissociated himself and denied the facts, according to Clarin. 

But Eleonora Wexler rekindled the controversy by indicating that it could be she women which was talking about Martinez: “Mariano I choked it, I made life impossible. Had it tied to the deck, and being blind, threw it into the water,”he said in remarks to the newspaper La Prensa. 

“As I will call to see if it was I that hit him so much. I don’t remember”, he said to be responsible for the words of Heartthrob. 

However, he clarified that he believed not having stuck never, though “thin is the limit of the violent scenes. They are very difficult. Happened to me once someone is has escaped a kick. They give me fear”.

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