translated from Spanish: Eva de Dominici and a tender memory of their passage by next Gastón Soffritti «Chiquititas 2006»

«Chiquititas 2006» will be today and always part of the memory of hundreds of children who grew up and were nearby, and identified with their prota gonistas.

By that time, Eva de Dominici, Lali Espósito, Peter Lanzani, Cande Vetrano, Stefano de Gregorio and Gastón Soffritti were some children. Today, 12 years later they decided to remember one of the most touching scenes.

Eva «mili and fleas want them happy children’s day», wrote from his official account Instagram, where he published a video in which you can see the love story of the small characters and excellent friendship that preserved more than one decade later.

Mili and fleas (Eva and Gaston) in «Chiquititas 2006» should be recalled, that after looking at «Chiquititas», actors reunited is in «Ugly duckling», where shared cast with Laura Esquivel, Brenda Asnicar, Camila Outon and Camila Salazar and many more.

Today, the youth soap opera remains one of the most-watched since it is available on Netflix and also its main characters enjoy a professional career that is rising. While Gaston are enjoying their success in «Simona», Eva shines in the cinemas and prepares its new release called «White blood».

Original source in Spanish

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