translated from Spanish: It ensures 49 iguanas considered endangered

city of Mexico.-elements of the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) assigned to the Agency’s Criminal investigation (AIC) secured in Oaxaca 49 iguanas considered in danger of extinction as well as the individual that transported them. You can also read: rescues PROFEPA Tiger of Bengal’s home in MexicaliEn a review point installed in the municipality of San Pedro Huamelula, federal agents detected two cardboard boxes containing iguanas and were transported in one public transport van.
You can also read: Dolphin found dead in Mexican Beach; suffocating with Panalel boxes owner, whose name was not revealed, was arrested by the probable Commission of the offence of simple possession of species in danger of extinction and protected by the NOM 059-SEMARNAT-2010. The PGR reported that such person, together with the insured animals, was put at the disposal of the federal authority for the offence provided for in article 420 first subparagraph, section IV, of the Federal.Este Penal Code article establishes penalties of one to nine years of prison, and 300 to 3 thousand days of fine, who carry out any activity for the purpose of trafficking, or capture, possess, transport, stockpiles, some species of flora or fauna wild, terrestrial or aquatic in veda, considered endemic, threatened, endangered, subject to special protection. In this note: Mexico Iguana Profepa Semarnat

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