translated from Spanish: Love triangle ends in tragedy; two people are killed

city of Mexico-a woman and a man were killed with bullets in the heat Cologne, Benito Juárez, apparently by a fit of jealousy; another couple was arrested as responsible. Read also: the victims, both aged 25 to 30, were in Emilio Carranza and Plutarco Elías Calles by buying in a post of food, according to witnesses.

Photo reform around 12:15 o’clock, a Beatle car came to the site and it went down a man with balaclavas, who shot them without a Word with your firearm. With one bullet in the head and another in the back, women fell wound on the Ridge, while the man who accompanied her received two impacts in the chest, according to testimony.
Within minutes, paramedics went to the place, but failed to keep alive any of the two.

In an ambulance, they moved to a private hospital to Joshua, of 15 years, who worked at the checkpoint and wounded bullet in the right arm. The scene already had been cordoned off with yellow tape by the preventive police of Nativitas Sector, when relatives of the slain man arrived at the site and expressed regret over the facts. Later, the United States authorities reported that two people, also a man and a woman, were arrested as likely responsible for the double murder. It was after a follow-up police cameras when the couple was intercepted by agents in Xicotencatl and Centennial, Colonia De el Carmen, detainee, 33 years, assured him a revolver with four spent cartridges and two useful; together with his accomplice, who was it that was driving the vehicle, was made available to MP. Luis Alberto, the alleged murderer, stated that the Friday night was drinking alcoholic beverages yesterday which saw the woman with another man who said his girlfriend was, he could not control his anger and shot them. In this note: start of jealous love triangle

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