translated from Spanish: Parachutist lands on a road and dies run over in Brazil

a paratrooper 37 years landed today on a road and died run over by a truck that was circulating in that way, in the interior of the Brazilian State of São Paulo, and n the East of the country, local media reported today. The incident happened on the morning of Sunday, when Diego Camargo Martins fell at kilometer 115 known as Castelo Branco Highway, an important via São Paulo, and was run over by a vehicle load, at the height of the village of Boituva.El accident is It took place near the National Skydiving Center, from where it departed the plane that transported the paratrooper to the heights for the jump. According to the newspaper ‘O Estado de São Paulo’, the driver of the truck told the military police of highways that it was surprised by the paratrooper landing and that gave it time to manoeuvre to depart. In accordance with the aforementioned newspaper, after shock, single driver managed to stop completely the vehicle 200 meters ahead of the point where the fatal incident occurred. The reasons why the Martins, who worked as an accountant and was considered a parachutist with experience after having jumped over one hundred times, was to stop in the middle of the road are unknown. The police will analyze the pictures from a camera that the victim had attached to his helmet and they expect to solve the causes of the accident. According to agents of the military police of highways, cited by the newspaper, scores of people frequenting all the National Skydiving Center weekends and it is not uncommon to see as many of them landing very close to the road.

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