translated from Spanish: Rector of the UC by cases of abuse: «Feel pain and shame for what has happened to the interior of our Church»

in a letter to El Mercurio, the rector of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Ignacio Sánchez, lament or the time that is past the Church and reflected on the new sexual abuse cases that have been uncovered for the last time. In this sense, said that «with pain, shame and asking for forgiveness of so many victims, the UC wants to look forward and work for a future better for our Church and for the country». This, he insisted that «it is very important that the Catholic University manifest way official and public position in this matter.. In my capacity as rector, on several occasions I’ve rejected in emphatic way these facts; I’ve done interviews, public opinions and different interventions in the media. But I have not expressed it’s official, directly and specifically through this letter. Today, it is important to indicate that in UC we feel pain and shame for what has happened to the interior of our Church», he continued. On the other hand, and in order to make an analysis of what has happened, he said that «» it is necessary to understand the structures of power, classism in our society, unequal relations and other factors that can promote these deplorable acts,»he concluded.

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