translated from Spanish: They are woman missing for 3 years in BC

Veracruz.-the National Commission of safety reports that after nearly three years of searching, elements of the Federal Police in coordination with the Attorney General of the Republic, located in the statistics or Veracruz, a young reported as missing since January 2015, in the city of Tijuana, Baja California.Leer more: fire leaves two dead in the Merced photo: courtesy read more: protests with Nazi symbols against the complaint migrantesDerivado break inter put by the parents of the victim, elements of the Scientific Division of the Federal Police, in coordination with the unit specialized in the investigation of trafficking of minors, persons and bodies, SEIDO, made a timely follow-up case and through tasks Cabinet and field, they got the location of the young woman in the town of Orizaba, who at the time of his disappearance was on his way to school and was 15 years old. During the research tasks of tracking and tracing were established in the city of Orizaba, with support from the divisions of intelligence and research of the Federal Police, to identify the located person, coincided with the characteristics referred to in the report submitted more than three years ago, where it was observed that the young developed a normal activity, while it warned signs of being subjected to some form of violence, abuse or a scene of trafficking in persons.
Fully identified, federal agents made contact with the girl, who confirmed that he was the person reported as missing in Tijuana, which stated have not been kidnapped, but voluntarily decided to abandon their home, derived from family conflicts. 18-year-old narrated having traveled several States of the Republic, where he made several works to survive, until you reach the city of Orizaba, where has been established and formed a family. In the same way this woman consented to go to the city of Mexico, to hold a meeting with their parents who were continuing their search, meeting that was held in facilities of the Attorney General of the Republic, where it was confirmed his identity and status of health, which expressed its willingness to restore family ties. In this note: National Committee on security search PGR police Federal Veracruz disappeared Tijuana research

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