translated from Spanish: They portrayed prisoner a bust of Néstor Kirchner in a plaza of Rosario

an avalanche of orders to remove tributes to former President Néstor Kirchner appeared once out in light of the notebooks of the bribes scandal, regist Rados throughout the Kirchner administration and realizing a possible mega network of corruption.

One of them was presented by the Council of change Carlos Cardozo, who requested the withdrawal of a bust of the former National President of the area of Rosario, known as the four squares of Mendoza and United provinces, on the side of a coastal walk which also carries the the name of the honoree.

But still it did not approve the project, this Saturday, August 18 dawned sculpture vandalized: paint it with black, and white lines simulating the traditional uniform that prisoners wore.

So was the bust of former President | Photo: TwitterEsto happens within the framework of the cause initiated by Carnets recorded by the former driver of Roberto Baratta, Oscar Centeno, which left seated trips carried out together the official for, among other things, collecting money from different sources to mode of bribery.

bust sculpture Rosario former prisoner President

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