translated from Spanish: «Who says we can’t?»: Ivana Nadal showed one of their skills

Ivana Nadal was able to prevail in a field traditionally dominated by men: the sport. In this same way, he also managed to make it in another totally different, showing one of his many skills.

With a long weekend and warm temperatures as context, the brunette of 27 years took the opportunity to meet with friends to eat something rich. Of course, the preferred choice of the Argentines is a good roast and guess who cooked!

Ivana «Who said that we cannot do roast?», repeated defiant while a friend films it with his cell phone. «Watch the fire we did!», adds, happy.

Super excited by what seems to be one of their first roasted, the model shared their stories of Instagram a video showing all what you put on the grill.

Of course, did not miss the photo to feel proud to be the «designated Grill».

Photo: Instagram Stories @ivinadal skills roast instagram

Original source in Spanish

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