translated from Spanish: YPF applied a further increase in the nafta

oil company YPF gave the green light to a new increase in fuels. With this new climb, which is 1%, super gasoline carries a cumulative increase of 30% in so far this year, while diesel fuel already rose by 29%. 

After the increase of public transport, YPF made early this morning their second 1% increase in gasoline in two weeks.

Starting today, the price of Super gasoline per liter in the city of Buenos Aires is 29,60 pesos. In addition, the liter of premium Infinia is 35,65 pesos; fuel Diesel 500, 25,94 pesos, and the Diesel, 31,19 Infinia.

The oil companies have to raise gasoline prices as they deem necessary, once in July the Minister of Energía Javier Iguacel dismiss any possible state intervention by the sharp rise in the value of the dollar and also from a barrel of crude at the international level.

After the kick-off of the State-owned company, is expected to have the rest of the signatures apply new increases, depending on the product and the company.

Given a complex scenario for the economy, the new increase in gasoline will have a strong impact on inflation. 

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