translated from Spanish: At 93 years died Andrés Aylwin Azócar

to 93 years died the lawyer and militant democracy children Cecilia, Andrew, Peter and Veronica Christian, Andrés Aylwin Azócar.Sus pointed out that “as it was his life, he died in peace, s u House, accompanied by all his children and grandchildren. We are grateful to all those who have accompanied us these days, giving us so many signs of love and affection. We are proud of what was his life, an example of honesty, austerity, rectitude, and ethics in politics and in the defense of the DD. HH”. The brother of former President Patricio Aylwin was a well-known defender of human rights during the dictatorship. He was also Deputy in various periods. The examiner was one of 13 Democrats who in 1973 signed a public statement condemning the coup d ‘ état, known as “the Declaration of 13″. Former President Michelle Bachelet lamented his death.” Sad departure of don Andrés Aylwin. A Democrat who in the darkest hours was devoted to defending those who were being silenced, persecuted and disappeared by the dictatorship. Humility in his greatness and its consequence are an inspiration and pride for our country.” The President of the DC, Fuad Chahín, commented that “we are very saddened by the departure of don Andrés (…) We are very sorry, but we know that she is resting. He gave a life of witness and tireless struggle for the dignity of the human being. It will continue to be a light of testimony for future generations”.

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