translated from Spanish: End of plastic bags producers terrorised: they fear bankruptcy and provide for 3 thousand layoffs

up to 2 August, and in some cases no. Trade makes the cross to plastic bags and t-shirt type producers being complicated things; This after the entry into force of the regulations which prohibits its use in various businesses.
And it is that last Friday, August 3 is published in the official journal the law which prohibits the delivery of plastic bags in the trade. With a six-month implementation period to stop the big stores to deliver this type of package, from that day on business premises only may deliver two bags for purchase.
Up to 3,000 jobs, according to Diario Financiero luggage and according to industry players, would be those who would be lost as a result of an imminent bankruptcy of leading companies in the field, that there is a risk that join approximately 30 small and medium-sized enterprises affected.
Phones have begun ringing, say lawyers dedicated to bankruptcy, with consultation of firms – large and small – for details on procedures for judicial reorganization.
One of the most emblematic cases is Mendoza and Cía limited, or The Bag as it is known commercially. The firm that exists for 32 years and employed 150 people – being leader of this business – must reduce by 40% its Endowment, and is still evaluating its operational continuity. In addition to this Inapol; It provided services to giants of the industry such as Jumbo, Walmart, Tottus and Unimarc, close this business unit in September. Other signatures of weight are Ormaflex – which already applied to the 22 Civil Court of Santiago its liquidation- and plastics Lo Pinto, which is in the process of cease operations.

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