translated from Spanish: Implemented operating on the occasion of back to school in Morelia, Michoacán

photographs / city of Morelia Morelia, Michoacan.-through an official statement, it was reported that from early hour of Monday, elements of police Morelia They unfurled a large RAID on the occasion of the return to classes and to provide favorable conditions of order, roads and crossings safe in school zones.
Implemented an integral operating through elements in motorbike patrols, proximity police and staff at the care center to victims (CAV) that perform actions in the vicinity of the main school institutes. What there are patrols of surveillance in schools of different levels of education.

Road order actions take place in the main points of the city, including: the outputs to Quiroga, Salamanca and Charo, as well as the Juarez road, Avenida Acueducto, solidarity, Madero, La Huerta and Camelinas, among others.

According to the bulletin, part of the uniformed perform road management activities, to avoid traffic congestion and generate respect for established stops, and ramps for disabled people.

Morelia City Council calls citizens to moderate their speed in school zones and follow the indications of the strength of police Morelia, as well as a situation of need, approaching any of the uniformed personnel to receive the immediate attention.

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