translated from Spanish: Mauricio Macri: «many say that it should not be me that Cristina complete dam»

the President Mauricio Macri spoke about the megacausa of the notebooks of bribes and said he is «very happy this came out to light in this management and that the truth was on top of the table.» 

The President tried to avoid a direct answer if agrees to it Cristina Fernández complete dam face to the next year’s elections. «Many people say that it should not be me that Cristina will dam. I do not know why it does not agree, some say that it is for me to compete.»

«What I say is that I am not to do what suits me to me or to my Government, I am doing what suits the country», completed in an interview to CNN.

On the notebooks of bribes allegedly coming from surcharges on the public work that investigates the details recorded by Oscar Centeno, Macri made a particular definition: «the truth, we are a very unique country, appears a chauffeur who scored all» for years meticulously. I say that in Argentina in the past 20 days fell the rating of Netflix as never before because this is superior,»he said.

Macri spoke about his cousin Ángelo Calcaterra which was involved in the same cause. «He told me that was going to be and I told him that the most important thing is to go with truth. It is a pain because it’s my cousin, but as President nothing can cover».

In addition, he said that it will «clearly» support name changes made to various buildings and monuments nominees Kirchner. «In every country they can expect decades before putting the name of a former President or former leader to a public place. Here was something that never in the Argentina had happened, once again, running over… «, he challenged Macri.

Finally, when he was asked by the trout to campaign contributors of change last year in the province of Buenos Aires, the President asked «not to mix things» and said «fully» trust María Eugenia Vidal by ensuring that «it won’t take a weight that is not her».

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