translated from Spanish: Mega denied alleged letter from the cast of «House of dolls» against Patricia Maldonado

Mega denied the existence of a supposed letter signed by the actors of the new television series «House of dolls», stating that they not attended laugh to the program «Happy» in the presence of the panelist Patricia Maldonado.En a brief public statement, said the private signal «to repeated versions of press about a supposed letter sent by the actors in ‘House of dolls’ mega «refusing to attend the morning of our channel, categorically belied the existence of such missive». The information about the alleged letter began circulating this morning, this then that various members of the cast of the fiction expressed their support to Alejandro Goic, who a few weeks ago decided to retire to not share the study with former singer. «The morning of CHV», Pablo Brunetti said that «I lived a pretty uncomfortable time with Alejandro Goic in the morning and I applaud it. «I was, and even though I didn’t respond in time, then sent a letter from the cast that we would not participate in the morning if you are that Lady». GOIC, who was arrested and tortured during the dictatorship, criticized the presence of Maldonado in television, since according to him, it is close to military condemned violations to human rights as Álvaro Corvalán and Patricio Castro.

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