translated from Spanish: Pilgrims gather at Mount Arafat at the peak of the haj

mount ARAFAT, Saudi Arabia (AP) – Muslim pilgrims gathered in the early hours of Monday in the Valley of Mount Arafat in Saudi Arabia, for a day of prayers that mark the peak of the haj an UAL. Some two million pilgrims were packed from early for an emotional day of repentance and prayer.

According to tradition, this very day 1,400 years ago Mahona Prophet gave his last sermon, calling for equality and the union of Muslims. Muslims believe to pray this day at Mount Arafat, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) East of Mecca, is their best chance to erase sins of the past and begin anew.

A sandstorm envelops the pilgrims arriving at the mosque of Namirah, on Mount Arafat, during the annual pilgrimage of the haj, on the outskirts of the Holy City of Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, 19 August 2018. (AP Photo / Dar Yasin)

During the night, high winds and thunderstorms were reported in Mecca. Bad weather caused slight damage in some tents that housed the pilgrims, but no reported damage, according to the authorities. In this note: Saudi Saudi´ peak of Mount Arafat pilgrims haj

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