translated from Spanish: Private printing, shielding for businesses

payroll, income and economic data of a company should be locks to prevent leaks that cause damage and global losses that are estimated at 3 billion into the hands of cyber criminals of dollars annually, according to the Center for strategic international studies (CSIS), based in Washington.
In Mexico, eight of every 10 companies are victims of a crime and the theft of information is fraud number one, according to a Global report of fraud and risk 2017-2018, issued by the International Association of Kroll. The tenth edition of this index mentions that the use of new technologies, the absence of control protocols, and the lack of training of the employees to manage and share confidential information, are points that have contributed to the theft of information is one of the main threats within companies.
The report also mentions that in 2017, 60% of the companies presented some type of security incident, the most common was the theft or loss of intellectual property. Anyone with a USB device can steal information, but what about printed documents or when any user can print to learn sensitive information of the company.
Manufacturers have developed strategies so that only authorized personnel have access to what is sent to print. The Japanese company Kyocera has developed a line of printers network and multifunction facing this problem by adding to the driver private printing option. With this function, authorized users can print documents safely from your computer by presenting the credential ID of the company, which ensures that print jobs continue to be private.
This private printing security system prevents third-party access to restricted information. By requiring an ID card, these devices provide higher level of confidence and discretion with the documents that are sent to print. Kyocera also has other security solutions that are adapted to the needs of the companies.

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