translated from Spanish: Superdry founding da mlns 1.28 dollars to campaign antiBrexit

London (AP) – the co-founder of the trendy Superdry brand said Sunday that donated one million pounds (1.28 billion dollars) to a campaign that seeks the holding of a new referendum on the departure of Great Britain of the Union European, as the British Government prepares to publish its assessment of the impact that would have on their future relationship leave block without agreement. Julian Dunkerton, whose firm of urban clothing has stores in 46 countries, wrote in a text published in the Sunday Times that backs the initiative People completo Vote because it predicts that the Brexit will be a «disaster» and «have a real opportunity to change this». To lack of seven months to make the departure of Britain from the block, official negotiations are stagnant and both sides say the chances of not reaching an agreement are on the rise. This has given a boost to those who ask for a new consultation on the terms of departure, believing that public opinion toward the Brexit sentiment is changing.

On the other hand, supporters of the Brexit are planning a campaign to ensure that the British Government is in compliance with the decision adopted by the voters in a referendum in 2016.
Nigel Farage, former leader of the party of independence from Great Britain (UKIP, for its acronym in English), announced on Saturday that it would join a bus tour across the country, organized by the Group Leave Means Leave, to oppose the plan of Prime Minister , Theresa May, for future relations with the EU.

You may propose not to move away from the Community regulations in Exchange for the free trade in goods. This has upset supporters of the Brexit as Farage and the former Secretary of Exteriores, Boris Johnson, to advocate that the country would be subject to the EU and would be unable to reach new trade agreements with the rest of the world.
London and Brussels want to reach an agreement on the terms of your divorce and future business relationship in October _ or in December as Max _ so that it can be approved by all community members before March 29, 2019, the date on which Great Britain d ejara officially the EU.
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