translated from Spanish: The Declaration of how accused of cover-ups of abuse Ezzati was suspended in the Church

the Archbishopric of Santiago reported that the Declaration of the cardenl Ricardo Ezzati how accused for the crime of concealment, was suspended in the framework of the investigations into sexual abuse inside the religious Iglesia.El was going to be questioned tomorrow by the regional public prosecutor of O’Higgins, Emiliano Arias, by the possible cover-up of abuses committed by the former Chancellor Oscar Muñoz Toledo.El Agency explained that «bearing in mind that there are records seized by the Regional Public Prosecutor of Rancagua in recent proceedings which have not yet been processed by the public prosecutor, or handed over to the defense of Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati, attached to the» submission of a complaint referred to facts which constitute, among others, the reason for the subpoena, decided to suspend the proceedings for now». Since the public prosecutor’s Office said that «the change was made following an application submitted by the defence counsel, in order that this can have more time to get to know the history contained in the research folder, since many of them were seized in recent you proceedings and they have not been made available to the defense, as well as the recent complaint filed against Ricardo Ezzati. The new date will not be public until all parties are notified».

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