translated from Spanish: They offer $500,000 to find the last fugitive of the cause of books

security, Patricia Bullrich, Minister confirmed today that it will publish a resolution in the Official Gazette, which will offer a reward of 500.0 “00 pesos for those who”provide data”about the whereabouts of the fugitive only cause notebooks, the (Oscar) businessman Thomas”, former Director of Yacyreta.

“We are going to ask for reward by Thomas. Advertisement will be released in the Official Gazette in the coming days and will be about 500 thousand pesos,”said Bullrich. 

The entrepreneur is heavily searched on the northern border of the country: there are versions that would have escaped to Paraguay. His lawyer, José Manuel Ubeira, questioned the decision of security portfolio: “let the Minister what give you the win”, challenged. 

“There are three awkward things in life: moving, divorce and being a fugitive.” If you ask me if there is a State of comfort, I say that does not. If we are enjoying the moment? Less. Now, the question is: why I as a citizen, I have the right to present me in freedom in a process, can not reach it exhaustion until the judges issue is? “, told Radio network.” 

We signed a resolution to give a reward to those who provide data enabling to retrieve the money from corruption.
all that money back to the people, works, schools and police equipment. The money of people back to the people. – Patricia Bullrich (@PatoBullrich) August 16, 2018 director Entidad binational Yacyreta (EBY) name is mentioned in several passages of the books written by Oscar Centeno, Roberto Baratta, designated as the executor of the collection system of bribes for the financing of electoral expenses during Kirchner’s chauffeur.

The strategy used to capture Thomas is in line with the decision of the Ministry of security enable 134 hotline so citizens can provide credible data about the fate of the money product of bribes in Exchange for a reward equivalent to 5% of the amount salvage, with a maximum of two million pesos.


“So far the result has been very positive. I have cut the first two days and we have had a total 170 effective calls, of which some 30 were already derived to Prosecutor Stornelli. All have a prior analysis, and then it works in team with the Prosecutor to address every information provided”held Bullrich told La Red radio.

Entity binational Yacyreta Ministry of security for Notebooks

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