translated from Spanish: Torso found in Valparaiso corresponds to Professor disappeared

11 days ago the Deputy Prosecutor of Valparaiso, José Miguel Subiabre, indicated that the torso in contract on 15 August in the Prat pier of Valpaiso, belongs to Professor Nibaldo Villegas, a Professor of Villa Alemana, desaperecido 11 days ago.
«Carried out tests of genetics, the person who was with alleged misfortune in Villa Alemana, that Professor’s name Nibaldo is, according to the result of genetically established by the Legal medical service (SML), the torso that was found on August 15 in» muelle Prat», clarified Subiabre. 
According to slogan Emol, the Marauder said also that he came to this conclusion after taking «a history of different alleged misfortune that had happened at the national level, specifically in the Fifth Region, and within that, to be able to contact to» family to have some type of sample that could be comparative DNA». 
«We are doomed to be able to clarify the circumstances of how this came to pass (the death of Villegas) and establish authorship that correspond to this fact», he added.
Finally, the Marauder said that from Saturday, the Public Ministry decreed the total reserve of the research «to avoid circumstances that could alter the investigative course and power, along with police, carry out the work to end clarify the facts «.

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