translated from Spanish: After 3 months of agony died Elizabeth, mother of Thaddeus

Guadalajara-after three months of agony, the mother of baby Tadeo, Elizabeth de la Rosa, not endured more injuries from burns he suffered in more than 90 percent of his body during a narco lock occurred in may, and died this afternoon. The Secretary of health in Jalisco, Alfonso Petersen Farah, confirmed the news through his Twitter account, and in an official statement explained is that the death occurred at 18:45 hours.

I regret to report the death of Mrs. Elizabeth de la Rosa, mother of the small Tadeo. We send our condolences to your loved ones. We accompany them at all times. Rest in peace. – Alfonso Petersen (@AlfonsoPetersen) August 21, 2018 rose Elizabeth was a victim of the violent events that occurred on May 21, when criminals set fire to public transport unit in which she traveled and your 8-month-old baby, who also died from burns. The incident occurred after the failed bomb attack against the exfiscal of Jalisco, Luis Carlos Nájera, which took place the same day at a restaurant in Avenida Chapultepec, on Guadalajara.Apenas today at noon Petersen Farah said that the woman was very serious, with severe headaches that were treated with palliative care.

Criminals set fire to public transport unit in which traveled Rosa Elizabeth and the small Tadeo. Photo: File EFE.

“Unfortunately I have to report that the Lady is still serious, his situation is delicate, now humanist that does not suffer is receiving all the attention for its recovery, and from the point of view,” said hours before death. August 11, Elizabeth was moved from the University of Texas Medical Branch to a hospital in Guadalajara by choice and family so that he could continue his treatment. The Government coordinated air from Galveston, Texas, moving to the Guadalajara International Airport.

Photo: File EFE.

With information from Reforma.En this note: Guadalajara Elizabeth the Pink mother of Thaddeus Burns fire truck Narcobloqueo

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