translated from Spanish: Do they return? Pitty, the Numerologist revealed the future of Fede Bal and Laurita Fernandez

Laura Fernández and Fede Bal makes months publicly announced the end of their relationship. After passing through a series of crises and reconciliations, the dancer and artist decided that it was time to take time and walk their paths separately.

However, can possibilities that the lovebirds will return to be together there be? This question was raised by the panel of intruders. 

After transmitting an excerpt from an interview with Laurie, where she said that she felt uncomfortable by the questions of Mirtha Legrand – next who lunched on Sunday 19 August-, who wanted to know about the current link that joins her ex.

Future together? Laura Fernandez and Fede Bal | Photo: Instagram @holasoylaurita «do not bother me, it’s not a topic trise or ugly, quite the opposite.» «He asked me if we were still talking and I told him that not», he told the future jury of the dancing and added: «When we separated decided to no longer speak to generate a distance if it’s not something never ending».

In this context, the programme invited Pitty the Numerologist, who was asked about the possible return of the couple in question.

Far from answering the question affirmatively, the Numerologist said that a new opportunity comes to Laurie. «Today each is calm and focused in their things. She may have a chance with a slightly larger guy. It will be very noisy», concluded keeping the intrigue.

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