translated from Spanish: Perform operation for back to school

Mazatlan, Sinaloa-then summer vacation, the SSPM started the operation of security, surveillance and mobility “Back to school 2018-2019”, which will have the purpose of guaranteeing the safe return of the students of preschool, primary and secondary education, as well as school staff to the schools in the countryside and the city, both public and private. Read also: Quirino Ordaz opens the school year 2018-2019 in Mazatlanesta preventive action started in the early hours of Monday August 20 involving traffic, effective police prevention and road wrecker. Monitoring this operation will be reinforced with the supervision of the surveillance cameras of the center of Control, command, computer, and communications (C4), whose monitoring will have the purpose of detecting any acts that alter public order or jeopardize the safety of persons, implementing the preventive and reactive actions required. The Municipal Police will be authorised to ticketed drivers, and asked the support of cranes that lift vehicles that Park in place forbidden in the vicinity of the campuses and decrease in road capacity, generating contrary to the current regulation of transit in Municipal Public Security Secretariat urges the population to set his time of transfer, from the origin to the destination; do not Park in place prohibited, either in double or triple row, mainly in the vicinity of the school facility, and prefer the use of public parking lots. Also respect the limits of speed, confined and counterflow lanes; signs and indications of transit personnel, wear a seatbelt, not to bring children in the front seat, and not to use the cell phone or other electronic devices that distract your attention while driving. In this note: Mazatlan operation back to school

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