translated from Spanish: Pro-Government March in Congress: “Returned Silver” and “we want flan,” most listened

thousands of supporters of change gathered this afternoon against the National Congress for the impeachment and “jail” for Cristina Kirchner, ade more than claim the sanction of the law of extinction of domain and “return the silver”. 

The protesters, the vast majority of more than 40 years, responded en masse to the call promoted through social networks to put pressure on the Senate, in particular to the Peronist bench, so release you the hand to Cristina Kirchner and authorize the desafuero ordered by federal judge Claudio Bonadio as part of the cause of the notebooks.

“Return the silver”, “we want flan” and classic hits macristas “Yes, we can” and “not return more” are some of the chanting protesters sung in the Plaza del Congreso. 

Tomorrow the Congress should discuss if it approves of the raids to Cristina, although today the former President asked in a letter that his colleagues vote in favour of the order of Bonadio, although he asked who “do not break anything”. 

Extinction of domain cause of notebooks

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