translated from Spanish: TEILLIER: «I don’t know if Boric is left. At this time gave aguita right»

Deputy and Chairman of the Communist Party, Guillermo Teillier, referred in an interview with radio Cooperativa, to site the Deputy by Magallanes, Gabriel Boric (MA) held on the left, when he called to condemn the restrictions of freedoms in countries like Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.
«I don’t know if Boric is left. At this time gave water to the right, that is the problem. He has every right to do so and we can discuss it,»said Tellier, who added that»the right tries to erase its responsibility in Chile, trying to invoke what happens in other countries».
In addition the parliamentarian said that «we have expressed our concern for what is happening. We have never adopted the DD are violated. HH»and said that» we are opposed to foreign intervention, if he continues trying to intervene do not believe us any country «.
Teillier also said that his party supports the DC, in rejection to Luis Castillo play the position of Undersecretary of health care networks.
«If he hid those documents, it is a serious ethical misconduct, is having obstructed an investigation. We give support to the DC. We believe that it should not remain, it should take a step aside, because otherwise the passive accomplices are left in his Government»he said of the PC.
With regard to the idea of the Government to create a Museum of democracy, the Deputy said that «at the Museum of democracy is going to tell who destroyed. I think that the defense of democracy is in the Museum of memory».

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