translated from Spanish: Arrested for animal cruelty, woman who tried to kill hunger dog of her ex-boyfriend in United States

home international in USA, arrested for animal cruelty to woman who tried to kill her ex-boyfriend photographer dog hunger IA / Facebook United States.-Elizabeth Lena James, of Laurens, is in prison for animal cruelty; He is accused of leaving hungry dog of her ex-boyfriend for about 30 days.
The animal Control Office said that Champ, named mascot, was with James for a month. She decided to leave him without food and water, was upset with whom he had been a partner.
The dog, 16 months, weighed 50 pounds when he was rescued; I had worms in your mouth. To accelerate its improvement, had to receive blood transfusions. Witnesses said that the animal had trouble standing and walking.
According to research, women fed their own dogs opposite Champ, who was tied to a tree.
Lena James is being held at the Laurens County Detention Center with bail of $15,000.

About the owner of Champ is not information. Animal Control employees have posted on Facebook News on developments in the can.

More Champ from earlier today. Pics from Justice for Champ group.
#FIGHTLIKEACHAMP – RD Hardi (@rdhardi7) August 20, 2018 with information: La Opinión

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