translated from Spanish: Author of the crime of Mollie Tibbetts says that he does not remember how killed it: he threw his body in a cornfield

Christian Bahena Rivera, an undocumented immigrant, he confessed to having killed Mollie Tibbetts, the 20 year old that was missing a month ago in a town in Iowa, United States, whose body was found yesterday.lee also: found the body of Mollie Tibbetts, young intensely sought in States Unidos.La Psychology student had gone out jogging on the afternoon of July 18 when it stopped responding your pololo messages and never returned to House. Since then began an intense search which ended yesterday after finding his body in some cornfields. Rivera was the only suspect for the police, as the afternoon she disappeared that security cameras recorded an unusual journey of the car that he was driving. His car came and went through the streets of the village. Although at first he refused to know something, Monday ended up confessing, but said that he did not remember how killed it. His statement was released in the journal Des Moines Register.En his testimony said that he had a lagoon in a moment of anger when Mollie faced, because he felt harassed by him. While she jogged, he followed her in his car for several kilometers, so she said that she would call the police. At that moment, Rivera left himself and enraged. Then you have forgotten what you did and just remember to be at the wheel of the car with a part of the handset of the young. Then realized the body was in the trunk of the car with a deep wound in his head, with your headphones music even jobs. Rivera wanted to hide the body by what chose a far field 15 minutes south of Brooklyn along the road. He threw the body face up in the middle of a cornfield that was grown. Covered it with several plants corn and fled. The face of Mollie stared at the sky.

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