translated from Spanish: Before the CGT, the IMF promised that not it will ask the Government labor reform

La CGT received technicians from the International Monetary Fund, which will today end his first visit to the country to evaluate the fulfilment of the goals of the stand-by.

The main trade unionists took answers about the program being conducted by the IMF and the promise that the Agency will not ask the Government labor reform.

Roberto Cardarelli, the Italian economist who heads the Mission in Buenos Aires, said he was pleased after the meeting.

“It was a very good meeting. We have heard views that have the economic situation by trade unions and we have informed them what the program intends to do”, he said.

The man who responds to Christine Lagarde said that “inflation will go down”. “We are confident that everything is going to remain in the best possible way. So far the measures taken were very comforting,”said as support for the economic measures of the Government. 

From the side of the CGT, the only one who spoke was Juan Carlos Schmid. His message was short and sought to avoid controversy: “obviously that are still concerned”, said.

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