translated from Spanish: Carmen Frei: “when the judgment is made will see new causes procedures”

the former Senator Carmen Frei, daughter of the former President Eduardo Frei Montalva, surrendered this morning to the President of the Medical College, Izkia Siches and the lawyer for the trade group, a copy of the judicial statements of practitioners in the cause for the death of the former President.
Frei recalled that the six defendants in the case, four of them are medical and said that delivery was to “see what we can do against people who have hidden information”.
The former parliamentary reiterated criticism of the Undersecretary of health care networks, Luis Castillo and charged that the authority was aware of the completion of the autopsy before her, even in the Senate, requesting information regarding history by the death of Frei Montalva.
He also recalled that the family learned by an anonymous complaint with respect to the realization of the autopsy and the existence of the data in the Clinical Hospital of UC, which is subsequently confirmed, said Frei, with the RAID ordered by Justice.
The daughter of the former President also addressed the sayings of the Minister who investigates the case, Alejandro Madrid, who yesterday did not rule out that other causes, they can open once the judgment of the case is known.
“When it is handed down the ruling will see new causes procedures” said Carmen Frei, who added that “my will is to continue knowing the truth and justice”.

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