translated from Spanish: Comptroller to Red: Bermudez will appeal to the administrative statute to remove subcontralora Perez

continue the hours of tension in the Comptroller General’s the Republic (CGR). The loss of confidence of the Comptroller general Jorge Bermudez who was his right hand, Dorothy Pérez subcontralora, has generated has not gone unnoticed. 
On Monday, as it unveiled Bío Bío, Bermudez asked Perez renunciation of her position, which did not accept, adding one fee more tension to the relationship between the Comptroller and the Attorney.
In this scenario, each is playing its cards. On the one hand, Bermudez said that he will appeal to articles 148 and 150 administrative statutes, which provides that if a person in a position of trust refuses to resign, will be declared – via Decree – his position as vacant. 
On the sidewalk in front, the Pérez lawyer announced via e-mail to the controller, which will invoke article 4 of the organic law of the General Comptroller of the Republic to entrench themselves, according to information from the third. 
Sources close to the controller ensures that the norm that would invoke Perez is deprecated and would not be applicable. In addition, they argue that by later standards, such as Decree-Law 3551 of 1980, it was tacitly repealed. 
On the other hand, the constitutional lawyer Jorge Barrera, poses as the “subcontralora enjoys the same privileges and immunity who have the higher courts of Justice. Remove it corresponds to the President of the Republic and before a court ruling to be treated in the way that is set for removal trials and those grounds set forth for the Ministers of the Supreme Court (…) the Deputy Comptroller in any case is a charge of exclusive confidence of the Comptroller General of the Republic”. 
To do this, add that “both the removal of the controller as the Ministers of the Supreme are in the Constitution, but that does not mention the removal of the Deputy Comptroller as attribution of the Chamber of Deputies.” The conflict is in determining if the camera can exercise a constitutional attribution, as it is the accusation, without being mandated by express text of the Constitution. Here there might be a bottleneck, in virtue of which in practice it is impossible to remove the subcontralora”.
Inside sources say that their relationship to Bermudez and Perez for months has not been easy. The tension would have increased following an alleged subpoena to testify as a witness that the Prosecutor Perez to the subcontralora in the framework of police fraud. 
Citation would be based on the second in command occupied the post of Deputy Chief of the Division of administrative audit between 2010 and 2014, which had interference in control and, therefore, control of police resources. 

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