translated from Spanish: Cristina Kirchner will not put “no qualms” in the Senate if they pass the allanmientos

Carlos Beraldi, lawyer of former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, said that if the Senate decides to give rise to the raids requested by judge Claudio Bonadio not going to put “no qualms”.

“We are always at the disposal of the law, we will not put any qualms. If the Senate, which is the owner of the jurisdictions, says the diligence that must be meet, will have to comply with it”, Beraldi said.

Regarding the conditions which aims to CFK, he said that “they are absolutely normal and rational. That involved his defense is an obvious question; to preserve her privacy, is a constitutional principle; “involving a Senator is an analog implementation of increasingly that it paves a law firm”, he added.

On Tuesday the Senator stated that he has “no objection” to accept the raids but put a number of conditions. Tonight the Senate will try to authorization to pave three homes of the former President.

“It is a decision she took product to analyse the political situation, on that basis gave a political response more beyond what I consider as a lawyer that is a completely illegal and disproportionate measure”, said the defender in dialogue with radio network .

Beraldi considered that so far not has been able to “exercise the right of defence” because the cause is conducted by a judge “to which we have challenged”.

The lawyer referred to the procedural situation of the defended and asserted that “the judicial process is invalid” and statements presented should be reviewed by a court.

“So far all we have are statements of people who say that at some point participated in trafficking in money, but the money is not and these demonstrations only are held at will who issued”, he stressed.

“As well as they are raised things not even serve as a direct or concrete test”, he added.

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