translated from Spanish: Decriminalize marijuana and poppy: AMLO team says it will attend the UN to change drug treaties

Olga Sánchez Cordero, Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s proposed to be the next Secretary of the Interior, said that the new administration He will attend the United Nations (UN) to modify the international anti-drug treaties, as part of a new strategy for the pacification of the country.
During his participation in Forum strategy Banorte 2018, the former Minister said that in the first instance would seek decriminalize, not legalize, marijuana and poppy for medicinal purposes future.
Even said you talk same Wednesday with officials of the Office in Mexico of the United Nations for drugs and crime, to seek flexible anti-drug agreements, to consider them “extremely rigid”.
It was considered necessary to work with the UN, to achieve this goal, because he said that organized crime still crossing borders and has routes very clear for the distribution of drugs from South America and even the United States, he said, only manages to confiscate between 3 and 8% of the total of drug that passes through the territory, a situation that recurs in the neighboring country to the North.

He explained that the decriminalization of drugs in our country will be given also by means of an “International Conference” to combat organized crime, where other Nations may discuss the issue.
For Sánchez Cordero, young and women arrested for possession and transfer of drug will be the main beneficiaries if it is to adopt a decriminalisation or an amnesty law, promoted by the President elected from his campaign.
“The theme of the mules, women who are deprived of their liberty precisely by the transit of drugs, by a backpack full of cocaine, indigenous women often do not speak Spanish even and will violate her rights on the issue of due process “also would be – if it decriminalises or calls this amnesty law considered to grant this amnesty”, exhibited in its rule of Law Conference.
The former Minister insisted that the armed forces should not do work of public safety, so that both the army and the Navy should be gradually withdrawn from the streets and replaced by professional police officers.
Therefore raised a general scheme with single control, a national police school, the irremovability of the soldiers to make them responsible for their actions, as well as proper training.

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