translated from Spanish: “Everyone knows”: Secrets and family ties on a weak police story

family secrets, a beautiful and sinister portrait of Spain, hidden enemies, neglected love and a kidnapping. These are the main topics developed by “Everyone knows it”, the film that will arrive on September 6 to the undercard of Argentine cinema. Criticism: good.

The renowned director Asghar Farhadi, is back with a new installment to intrigue and increases the expectations of the public, to know his career and meet a cast of prominent international figures such as Ricardo Darín, Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Barbara Lennie.

Farhadi, who was awarded two Oscar for his films “Yodai – e Nader Simin az” and “The Salesman”, focused on lead to stage a kidnapping that hides, if you will, out of focus, secrets and family tensions that will float when everything is complicated.

However, far from Captivate the audience, the result was a plot somewhat cliché that unfolds with laziness and wasted the potential of the cast.

Laura (Penélope Cruz) travels with her children to Spain to meet with his family and attend the wedding of her younger sister, without the company of her husband, Alejandro (Ricardo Darín), who has not been able to attend together.

A wedding, a secuestroEntre drinks and dancing, on the night of the party, an event that the family can’t imagine burst with their apparent happiness: the kidnapping of Irene, the eldest daughter of Laura.

Marriage reinserted to the protagonist in a world abandoned years ago, with nostalgia and memories that this entails, which relucirá in the middle of a police plot that rips her as mother.

Love, crucial decisions that would have changed the course of events, debt and other issues, emerge in this sense of a rather repeatedly, that instead of speeding up the conflict, numbed it or get confused, diverting the main focus for seconds care.

A family, many secretosEntre more favorable points of the film, we can mention: locations and scenes in exteriors and interiors, which reveal an interesting and profound portrait of Spain. Bárbara Lennie (“setback”) and the very same Penelope take actions and leading roles.

Another of the highlights is the director’s eye implemented and embodied in family mechanics, which functions as a metaphor of the cracked Bell that seems to patch it with money.

The characters generated by time confusion and in the development of the film cause that the public does not feel empathy for them, rather rejection or lack of understanding by some. This may find its explanation in the film opens several story lines that remain unfinished or not set out.

Ricardo Darín is Alejandro in “Everyone knows it” without a doubt, the participation of Ricardo Darín adds color to the argument. However, your professionalism is an untapped both with the interpretation of a character of which little is known and has a fervent belief in God, which is at odds with the rest.

The outcome is presented in an abrupt manner and somewhat forced, devoid of surprises for the spectators, although they do not discover who is behind the case, nor are they will encounter addressing an innovative effect reserved for the last few minutes. The end generates more questions than certainties.

“Everyone knows it”, a good, recommended to those who film captivates them the wonderful and frightening world of family relationships than for an optimal thriller lovers.

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