translated from Spanish: How do they recorded the theft of the distributor of Bimbo?

the case of a dealer of the company Bimbo who stole sweet bread in the shop of one elderly in Iztapalapa, known as don Raul, departed from that theft was caught on video, and then spread in social networks.
Read: Bimbo dealer steals elderly man while he supplied products; the company dismisses it in an interview by a journalist of the Middle @telediariomty, the 76-year-old man explained that the idea of the recording arose after the deliverer of Bimbo co-worker warned him about the deception, in the store “The Ant.” Be abused”, he said.

“Fellow was that told me, get abused.” The elderly man, who published the video of how a deliveryman stole him product for your shop, explains in detail why she decided to record it. #Viral @telediariomty – Víctor Martínez (@victormtzlucio) August 22, 2018 with regard to the way in which was placed a cell phone with camera, the daughter of don Raul, of 14 years, told Milenio Television that they hid the camera in a bag of frying.
“I began to devise a week earlier. I was watching where to put the cell phone and I decided to grab the bag of Doritos black, to the size of the camera, make a hole that would be camuflajeara, because the cell phone is black. And already when they arrived I started it to record”, said.
The authorities reported that the deliverer caught on video – who lost his job – was arrested, although it was then free, by an AC output, which could use since none of the offences for which he was accused is regarded as serious.
A revelation about the case is that the dealer is marked by alleged sexual harassment, the daughter of don Raul.
In this regard, the Attorney of the city of Mexico pointed out that a breakdown was sent to the Central Research Attorney for the attention of sexual offences, to carry out the appropriate investigation.
In the interview with Milenio TV, the child did not explain if it placed the camera also intending to capture to the dealer, by the issue of harassment.
According to the television report, the dealer had at least a year and a half on that route, by going to the store “The Ant”.

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