translated from Spanish: If Cohen, Republicans have family dilemma with Trump

the President of the United States, Donald Trump, makes a gesture with the thumbs-up after a speech at a rally, August 21, 2018, in Charleston, Virginia Western. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

WASHINGTON (AP) – Moments after the former personal lawyer of Donald Trump involved the President of the United States in a crime, Senator John Cornyn said that the “people who do bad things, which breaks the law, must be held accountable”. Cornyn, the number two Republican in the Senate, quickly clarified that his remarks were not aimed at Trump.Para the Republicans, judicial developments on Tuesday removed an uncomfortable position and too familiar. Almost every week, leaders and legislators of the party have had to explain a series of controversies generated by Trump, hoping to be able to endure with its severe releases until the chaos dissipates. This is the strategy that has entrusted the party when the President refused to directly accuse to Russia to intervene in the 2016 election, before his statements blaming both white supremacists and opponents of violent clashes in Charlottesville, VA., and after his numerous insults towards women and minorities.

Photo: AP but the extraordinary Declaration of guilt of Michael Cogen, exabogado of Trump, which occurred less than an hour after the former director of campaign of the leader, Paul Manafort, was found guilty of eight financial crimes, which increases the pressure on the Republican party just a few months of the election of half of legislatura.v class = “ck-related-news” > Cohen is the first partner of Trump found guilty of a crime directly associated with the election of 2016. And it is a crime which, according to counsel, not only Trump was aware but was personally involved in its Commission.” Is a high threshold which just crossing today,”said Zac Petkanas, Democrat agent specialized in investigations of opposition on Trump.Sin however, the initial response of the Republicans offered little to suggest that the party will treat the revelations Cohen in a different way to as addressed the numerous controversies that have chased the leader in his 17 months in office. The majority of Republicans lawmakers remained silent on the subject. One of the few Republican leaders releases came from an anonymous spokesman for the President of the House of representatives, Paul Ryan, who said that he was aware of the Declaration of “these grave crimes,” Cohen and that it needed “more information than available so far”.

Photo: AP for now, the political calculus for Republicans is clear. Lawmakers see little incentive to distance itself from Trump when nor his most incendiary statements have shrugged off the backing of the voters. The power of the President over the party faithful was the Tuesday night, when he dazzled a biased audience at a rally in West Virginia for more than one hour. So far, the only Republicans that were sharp against the President were which do not arise in his re-election bid and do not need the support of its supporters in November, as the Senators Jeff Flake of Arizona and Bob Corker’s Tennessee.Los Democrats believe that they can motivate independent voters and moderate Republicans this fall, featuring party officials as facilitators of the President. Democrats responsible left clear quickly Tuesday that are planning to attack their rivals during the campaign if they remain silent about the growing legal questions swirling around Trump.” Every day there is more weight in the balance”, said Paul Maslin, a Democratic pollster based in Wisconsin.Charlie Kelly, who manages the Group House Majority backed by the leader of the minority in the House, Nancy Pelosi, warned Republicans that investigations are they are “closer to the White House”.

Photo: AP Cohen did not mention directly to Trump the Court, but he said that he and an unidentified “candidate” arranged payments to two women. The amount and dates of payments are consistent with the money given by the Pornstar Stormy Daniels and the exmodelo of Playboy Karen McDougal to buy his silence on his alleged Affairs with Trump in the last weeks of the campaign. The President, who has refused repeatedly to be aware of the payments, avoided the questions of the reporters about Cohen on Tuesday. In addition, also avoided referring to Cohen and Manafort during its rally on Tuesday night in Virginia Occidental.Esta situation presents some risks for the Democrats, especially if they see as too eager to start a political trial to the President in the event that regain control of the Chamber. Some supporters of Trump, among them his ex-Chief of strategy Steve Bannon, leverage to encourage undecided Republicans who come to vote in November.

Photo: AP, however, at least one Republican suggested that legal problems generate a weak point for Trump. Jennifer Horn, former President of the Republican party in New Hampshire and regular criticism of the President, predicted that the events of Tuesday would provoke a major challenge in the presidential primaries of 2020.” You can count on it,”he said. In this note: United States Donald Trump Cohen

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