translated from Spanish: Luis Chocobar went back to work as police in Avellaneda despite being processed

the official Luis Chocobar, processed to kill a criminal in the back, back to perform their task as Policía Local de Avellaneda. So let him see an image that transcended in the performance of their duties, after being license after the fact occurred on December 8.

Cash was “endorsed” by his companions and members of other security forces which highlighted the fact that is exercising his work.

Luis Chochobar went back to work as local police in Avellaneda. Photo: Uniformed TwitterEl was processed and is headed for trial following a ruling issued by the judge of minor number number 1 of Capital, Enrique Velázquez, and which was ratified in a higher court, with an embargo of 420 thousand pesos in the case investigating it by
alleged “aggravated homicide in excess of self-defence”.

December 8, 2017, Chocobar killed Juan Pablo Kukoc, a criminal of 18 who assaulted and stabbed ten times the American tourist Joe Wolek to steal a camera in the neighborhood of La Boca. While the cash was in franco’s service, reacted, ran three blocks to the assailant and shot him twice causing wounds in one leg and buttock that they triggered his death.

Last week, Chocobar received a visit from the Minister of security, Patricia Bullrich, of national change, Gladys González, Senator and Chief of staff of the portfolio, Gerardo Milman, who have ratified you their support.

Luis Chocobar processing police

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