translated from Spanish: Shocking end of “Forgive us our sins” reached a peak of 40 points

death, destruction and some happiness. All these elements had the shocking end of the night TV series “Forgive us our sins” of Mega, which arose in tune consolidating the leadership remained after more than one year of issue. According to the data provided by the private signal, the tragedy of the clan led by the dreaded Quiroga and wrote Pablo Illanes, Josefina Fernández and Mauricio López, said goodbye to screen getting a rating online 35.6 points leaving behind other spaces the broadcast television. The program reached a peak of 40 points in its last minutes in the air. 312 were issued chapters of this story Nicolás Alemparte, who together directed to Daniela Demicheli, Executive produced, led a team of close to 90 people who, from December 2016 to June 2018, worked hard for run the two seasons of “Forgive us our sins” which strengthened a general average of 28.0 points of rating during its entire broadcast. The story ended with the sad end of the priest Reynaldo (Mario Horton), who was killed by Armando Quiroga (Álvaro Rudolphy) while he began his new life with María Elsa (Mariana di Girolamo). The villain finished paying their crimes face firing squad. On the contrary, other stories were most hopeful end. Barbara (Maria José Bello) could survive its difficult birth and left Villa Nightingale with Mechita (Soledad Cruz). Gerardo (Nicolás Oyarzún) was married to Antoinette (Constance Araya), who hopes the son who both expected. Isabel Quiroga (Alejandra Araya) died in the midst of the fire in the Church, while Angela (Paola Volpato) was released from prison, but remained with his burned face.

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