translated from Spanish: The day more black Trump threatens to suffocate his Presidency

Washington.-confirmation of culpability of two close allies of the President, Donald Trump, such as his ex-campaign Chief and exabogado staff threaten to suffocate his presidency after the day more black since he arrived at the House Blanca.tambien you can read: Exabogado Trump says that he paid women to influence the eleccionesEl August 21, 2018, the mandate of Trump could seriously complicate a margin of five minutes, the time that was different CIA among the guilty verdict for fraud against his ex-Chief of campaign, Paul Manafort, and the confession of his exabogado Michael Cohen.

The only thing that I have done wrong is to win an election that was expected to be won by Crooked Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. The problem is, they forgot to campaign in numerous states!-Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 23, 2018 can also read: If Cohen, Republicans have family dilemma with TrumpAhora, and waiting for how to advance both cases, dif relating options could end his presidency, especially after statements under oath of Cohen that involve federal offenses to Trump. A political trial that will involve his dismissal, a subpoena from the Special Prosecutor’s office so that it declared as a witness or even a potential criminal charges are hypothetical scenarios that could put in check the magnate and seem to receive new arguments with the latest developments. The expert Michael Cornfield, Professor of political leadership of George Washington University, told Efe today that with circumstances that exist on the table is more likely to Trump does not reach its four-year mandate.
Donald Trump. Photo reform “now, most likely to Trump not completed his term in office. “The most likely scenario is that (Vice President), Mike Pence inherits his presidency”, said Cornfield, who foresees “further turbulence in American politics” and the Government in the coming months and years. For his part, Ross Baker, a political scientist at Rutgers University, believes that recent events have started a process by which Trump could be indicted in a political trial, but view ‘unlikely’ to be deposed by the Senate, he told Efe.Para a hypothetical process recall will be decisive legislative elections in November, where the Democrats could regain the domain of the legislature. Now different possible scenarios, in which the procedure is clearer to follow is the impeachment or “impeachment”, whereby the legislative power can bring down a President if he considers that he has committed a federal crime. Normally, it is the judicial Committee of the lower House, which initiates the procedures and issues a decision on the charges to “judge”, that will be voted on by the cameras. If an absolute majority adopt that resolution or at least one of the charges, elected a group of “managers” that would make prosecution and would present the case to the Senate, where its members would exercise by way of “jury” and would need two-thirds for declare him guilty and let the Presidencia.Tres have been Presidents who have faced a political trial and two were acquitted: Andrew Johnson, in 1868; and Bill Clinton, between 1998 and 1999; While Richard Nix photo AFP on, resigned in 1974 to begin the process after the scandal of the Watergate.Una time this procedure has been completed, the President is deposed if he is found guilty and it can be target of a criminal cause, being the Vice-President qui in him replaced in office. Very different is the case of the classical criminal allegation against a President in active, who have not been given ever, and whose legality is ambiguous. While the Justice Department collects between their guides that a President can not be imputed, the Constitution does not require specifically that will happen it and various experts have developed for Governments views over the years. However, according to “The Washington Post”, the Prosecutor’s office of the Russian plot already has made it clear that it will ignore these guidelines of the Department, which should be followed unless exceptional circumstances. The viability of a citation is not clear to declare, because it is doubtful his mandatory, although the Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, directing maintains that Trump could be summoned as a witness, according to the newspaper.

Photo AP in 1974, the Supreme Court ruled against Nixon, and determined that the President must comply with a subpoena, in this case to contribute documents, different from the testimony. Local media have said Mueller has spent months negotiating a meeting with Trump, but his team is reluctant. For example, in the “impeachment” against Clinton arose the charge of perjury or misrepresentation under oath as a result of a testimony from the President. In this note: United States Donald Trump Michael Cohen

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